Dear Friends and Neighbors,

In the midst of what has been a bone-chilling month, it feels strange to tell you that our busy spring market is heating up. As is typical in our Wall Street driven market, our busiest days come as potential homebuyers begin collecting their hard-earned bonuses. January is when we see this happening and this year looks to be no different, in spite of initial fears about how the changes in the tax regulations might affect our local market. The message buyers are delivering is confidence with increases in their stock portfolio, interest rates still near all-time lows, and a few bucks in their pockets. They appear to be hungry to buy homes between now and May to ensure getting their families settled before the start of school in the fall. 

 This is good news for anyone considering selling this year. If you are contemplating a potential sale this year, my advice is to get started right away. The signs are pointing in a good direction for sellers, so I suggest that you strike while the iron is hot. Please give me a call right away if you would like to have a preliminary conversation about the possibility of selling this year.


I publish similar stats every year, and I receive terrific feedback. Please let me know if there is any other real estate information you would like to receive on a regular basis. Those who know me well know that I LOVE to talk about real estate, so please reach out and chat anytime you have questions. I’m happy to help you make decisions about potential home improvements, to answer the “should I sell or renovate” question, to talk about the value of your home, and of course to help you through a sale, purchase or if you are considering buying investment properties. 

  Warmest Regards,

  Shannon Aronson

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